5.000$ USA


The prize fund totaling US$5,000 will be distributed among selected participants of the EUROPE OPEN MUSIC COMPETITION and WORLD OPEN MUSIC COMPETITION

Due to restrictive measures around the world (Covid-19), the possibility of organizing cultural events has been significantly reduced.

From 2022, selected participants will be given the opportunity to choose individual trips to the best tourist destinations in Europe as prizes.

Warsaw Moscow Berlin Paris Istanbul Rome Vienna Prague Madrid Milano Krakow Athens Saint-Petersburg Ljubljana Riga Crimea Amsterdam Dubrovnik Nice Venice Batumi Lisbon Barcelona Valencia, Crimea…

After the announcement of the results, the names of the awarded contestants will be published. Reports on the implementation of prizes (photos, videos and a short impression of the trip) will be published on the main page of the site, in the PRIZE FUND section.

The organizer reserves the right to distribute the prize fund.