Elena Drozdova

Kiev, Ukraine



ELENA DROZDOVA – laureate of the International competition, candidate of art history, senior lecturer of the faculty of “Performing arts and art history” of the Kiev Municipal Academy of Music. R.M. Gliera, member of the National All-Ukrainian Musical Union, member of the Association of Guitarists NVMS.

She was born in Kiev, graduated from Children’s Music School No. 30 (class of the famous lute player A.I.Shpakov), as well as the Kiev State School named after … R.M. Gliere and the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after P.I. Tchaikovsky (specialty – Mikhailenko N.P., conducting – people’s artist, professor A.G. Vlasenko), having received a master’s degree.

She has repeatedly participated in various concert programs, both solo and as part of various orchestras and ensembles, in particular: with the chamber orchestra “Arci” and the famous violinist A. Gorokhov, as part of the symphony orchestra under the direction of Allin Vlasenko, the duet “Mirada”, festivals and competitions.

Since 1992 he has been teaching. Many of her students have become laureates of international and all-Ukrainian competitions.