Sergej Rupreht

Maribor, Slovenia

Pop-Jazz singing


After studying music education, Sergej Rupreht decided to study singing at the Music Academy in Ljubljana, where he majored in the class of prof. Barbara Jernejčič Fürst.

Alongside his studies he additionally educated himself by attending seminars – in Slovenia and across Europe – that featured world renowned singing instructors (R. Miller, M. Keenze, M. Lipovšek, C. Spencer…).

He performed as Bastien in Mozart’s opera Bastien and Bastienna.

As a 26-year old he debuted in the first premier performance of the opera Poet and rebel in the SNG Maribor, which was composed by Tomaž Svete. He appeared as the lead guard.

He also worked with the RTV Slovenia orchestra and accepted the invitation of Jure Ivanušič to cooperate in the production of the documentary Who wants to be Mozart.

The public got to know him – along with wife Petra – as a contestant and finalist of the show Slovenia’s got Talent. As of late they are artistically introducing themselves under the name Petra and Sergej. They added to their classical repertoire by introducing a colorful palette of material from musicals and the crossover program.

Together with Petra they are currently successfully leading singing school Orfeus which is located in Bistrica castle in Slovenska Bistrica. As from themselves, they also demand hard work, dedication and love for singing from their students, which is visible also in the successes – live performances and appearances on many festivals across Europe.