Giuseppe Palmisano

Giuseppe Palmisano

Italy, Matera



Competitor: Giuseppe Palmisano
Section: SENIOR ARTIST, XVII category, 1996
Institution, place and country: Conservatorio "E. R. Duni", MATERA, ITALIA
State/City: Italy, Castellaneta
1. Franz Doppler, Fantaisie pastorale Ungherese
2. Edgard Varèse, Density 21.5

Giuseppe Palmisano was born on 21/10/1996 in Castellaneta, Italy.
At the age of 8 he began to study the flute at the Civic School of Music “Arcangelo Corelli” in Castellaneta (Italy) under the guidance of prof. Davide Giove. During the first years he interfaced with masters of great depth in various masterclasses, seminars and campuses. This led him to complete his studies by graduating from the “Duni” Conservatory of Matera under the guidance of Maestro Anna Lisa Pisanu and winning national and international competitions in Italy, London and Sarajevo.
He has collaborated with great artists such as Mogol and Amii Stewart and with various orchestras, ensembles and musical groups recording a Ep and Album. His latest album “Origin” was released in 2021 and the playlist “Cover” in the same year on YouTube. In addition to the classical genre, he also deals with the pop genre by opening, as a soloist, concerts and shows by various artists appearing on various TV, radio and newspapers.
Today he is also a poet and writer thanks to his first book published in 2021 and other collaborations of anthological series. He is still a member of the “Ninnavita” project based in Montrèal (Canada) where he offers his artistic musical skills.