Marmara Flute Orchestra

Turkey, Istanbul



Competitor: Marmara Flute Orchestra
Section: SENIOR ARTIST, XXIV category, 1995
Teacher: Ece Karşal
Conductor: Ece Karşal
Institution, place and country: Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey
1. Alberto Guidobaldi - Tarantella
2. Eugene Magalif - Swans on the Alpsee

The Marmara Flute Orchestra was established in 2015 by music educator and flutist Prof. Dr. Ece Karsal, with the assistance of Marmara University (BAPKO), who supplied funding for the instruments used in this orchestra. Studies for the MFO began in November of 2015, and it is the first orchestra in Turkey to incorporate every flute that exists within this family of instruments. The orchestra's members range in ages from 10 to 45, and includes professional flutists, advanced level amateurs, and selected flute students of all levels of proficiency.
Though in existence only a short time, the MFO has grown quickly and has become a very respected and well-established orchestra. In 2016, the MFO participated in The International Woodwind Festival in Istanbul, performing three original Turkish composers' pieces that were written especially for this unique ensemble. The MFO supports and encourages original flute compositions of Turkish composers and intends to perform them in their repertoire. Also, the 50 members of the MFO are involved in raising awareness and support for street animals and collect food donations for dogs and cats at their concerts.